David Kennard

Director, writer, producer

David Kennard has more than 40 years of international experience as a Producer, Writer, Director and Communications Consultant. He has played a leading role in the production of more than 100 non-fiction television specials, books, multimedia products and media campaigns, and has produced fifteen major international documentary series. His work as a producer and director includes:


Keeping Score with Michael Tilson Thomas
Cosmos with Carl Sagan
Connections with James Burke
The Ascent of Man with Jacob Bronowsli
We The People with Peter Jennings
Joseph Campbell: The Hero’s Journey
The Heart of Healing with Jane Seymour
Global Warming with Alanis Morrisette
The Final Hours: Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight
The Promise of Play with Jane Goodall
2001:HAL’s Legacy with Arthur C. Clarke

His work has won the National Emmy, International Emmy, Dupont Columbia, American Historical Association, NationalEducation Film Festival, International Science Film Festival, Houston Worldfest, Alexander Hamilton, Cine Golden Eagle, BAFTA & Peabody Awards.

Kennard is the co-founder and President of InCA (Independent Communications Associates Inc), a worldwide non-fiction production company with offices in San Francisco, Toulouse (France) and Nairobi (Kenya), with a 30-year track record of documentary excellence.

David was senior Producer, Director and Writer of the 2013 documentary film A Year in Burgundy and A Year in Champagne (2015).

Martine Saunier


Martine Saunier was born in Paris. Although she lived and attended school there, she spent every summer vacation at her Aunt’s home in Prissé, near Mâcon. Her aunt owned a winery with approximately 10 acres of vineyards planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The winemaker lived on the farm next door with his wife and children. The pinnacle of the summer vacation was the harvest in mid-September. At the age of ten, Martine was fascinated with the preparation of the cellar, the winepress, the fermenting vats and, of course, being part of the harvesting team. The crushing of the grapes, malolactic fermentation, chaptalisation, bottling, etc. were all part of her childhood life.

When Martine moved to California in 1964, she was dismayed by the absence of many of her favorite wines and started making buying trips to France. In 1965, she drove to Beaulieu Vineyards, knocked on the door, and was lucky enough to meet the great André Tchelistcheff. He told her in his good French that if she wanted good Pinot Noir, she had to go to Burgundy to get it! The seed was planted in her mind...

A few years later, Martine was offered the job of selecting wines for an importer/distributor in San Francisco and in the spring of 1969, she flew to France, bought a small VW bug and started her tour and career! The first woman to establish a wine importing company in the United States, she founded Martine’s Wines in 1979.

Martine is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier and was formerly on the national board of AIWF. She is also a Chevalier du Tastevin. In addition, she has been decorated twice by the French Government with the title of Officier du Mérite Agricole.

Martine was Senior Producer, Consultant and star of the films A Year in Burgundy in 2013 and A Year in Champagne in 2015. 


Todd Ruppert

Executive Producer 

R. Todd Ruppert is the Founder and CEO of Ruppert International, Inc. a firm with diversified interests globally in various fields including disruptive technologies, financial services, education, publishing, arts and entertainment, and youth development.


In 2012 he retired from T. Rowe Price, a global investment management firm with over $775 billion under management. He was board member, CEO and president of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services, board member and co-president of T. Rowe Price International, and a member of the operating steering committee of the T. Rowe Price group.


Todd is a venture partner with Greenspring Associates, a US based venture capital firm with over $4.0 billion under management. He is the chairman of several firms, board president of London’s Royal Parks Foundation (USA) and board member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was a founding board member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the US and a global ambassador of the International Award.

Todd’s other board and advisory roles are for the following organizations. UK: Chairman of QVentures, Tengi.org, Round World Entertainment and Pall Mall Art Advisors; Nutmeg, Seedrs, DCE Partners, Tandem Bank, Infinity Creative Media, Pegasus Media Agency, Bottletop, Gold Mercury International, Investments and Pensions Europe, and Funds Europe. Ireland: Iconic Images Gallery. France/Singapore/UAE: INSEAD business school. Canada: Hubub. Cayman Islands: Bruce Nelson Cayman Ltd., SPQ Capital Limited. China: PG Pharma and Pangaea Finance Partners. Brazil: Brasilinvest Group. South Africa: Strategic African Investment Advisors Limited. (Chairman) Australia: Top 1000 Funds. Switzerland: WISeKey. US: Duke University, Kenyon College, Furman University, SenaHill Partners, Green Visor Capital, Silicon Valley Gateway Partners, MPOWER Financing, Alchemy Global, AIREX Markets, Symbiont.io, Trov, inStream Solutions, ClearServe Holding, Ogg Trading, Storelli Sports, Laurel Strategies, Jet Senters Aviation, The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, and the Maryland Academy of Sciences.

Todd is also executive producer of three documentary films – A Year in Burgundy, A Year in Champagne and A Year in Port. He was co-producer of Happy Days - the Musical, which toured in the UK.

Jamie LeJeune


Jamie LeJeune joined InCA six years ago with a background in anthropology and community development. Since then he has shot, edited and produced works that range from television documentary series to viral activist video and promotional pieces for local non-profits.

His credits with InCA include:

“A Year in Champagne” (2015) Producer/ Camera / Editor
“A Year in Burgundy” (2013) Producer/ Camera / Editor
“ReCreating America: Creativity in Education” (2010) Associate Producer
“Keeping Score: Gustav Mahler”, (2011) Associate Producer/Assistant Editor
“Reinventing Yourself ” (2012) Story Producer/Editor/Camera


James Kennard

Second Unit Director, Camera, Editor

James Kennard has worked with InCA in various capacities for over a decade before joining full-time in 2012. After studying history at Oxford University, he has worked producing illustration, concept-art, animation, graphic design and film.

His other credits include:

“A Year in Champagne” (2015), Camera/Editor/2nd Unit Director
"Arion Press: Creating the 100th" (2014), Director/Editor
“Land of Songs” (2014), Camera
"A Year in Burgundy" (2013), Graphics


Polly Legendre and Alisha Lumea

Publicity and Promotions

Alisha Lumea and Polly Legendre are Polished Brands, a strategy and branding firm that specializes in business and export market strategy, PR, social media, events, and photography for artisan and premium food, beverage and lifestyle companies and organizations. They have over 35 years of combined foodservice, production, promotion, wholesale and retail experience.

Polished Brands has been fortunate to work with a range of clients from all aspects of food, drink and lifestyle — including food producers, government trade commissions, NGO initiatives and documentary films.

Polished Brands handled Publicity and Promotions for A Year in Burgundy and A Year in Champagne.

PRESS ENQUIRIES: Contact Alisha Lumea, alisha (at) polished-brands.com